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Ian B Thompson BSc FCA
Ian B Thompson BSc FCA
Offering the helping hand small and growing businesses need...

Starting up in business takes guts. Heading for high growth is rewarding but dangerous. If your business is in either of these situations don't you deserve the helping hand that specialist advice can bring? You MUST demand an accountancy service that gives you ALL P's. It must be:

  • Professional
    I can give you the expertise that the most highly regarded accountancy qualifications can bring AND the experience of 30 years working with small and medium sized businesses like yours.
  • Pro-active
    I work with my clients when they need me, not when I need them. My aim is to think ahead, looking for the problems and opportunities your business may face before they arise. Not when it is too late.
  • Personal
    You will deal with me, not with a trainee who reports to a manager who reports to a partner. Vital information can be lost in a chain of command.
  • Price-conscious
    That doesn't mean cheap. It means you get what you pay for and that is a quality service. Not a shiny office and piped music.

Most accountants in Sheffield will have some of these qualities but few will have ALL 4; and a passion for the job that ensures a service that is always up to date with the latest developments in accounting, finance and taxation.

...Ian's personal assistance has been invaluable. His years of experience with other growing businesses has been as vital as his expertise in accounting, taxation and across business in general.
Steven Shaw, BDIC