Bathroom Design & Installation Limited"As our company has grown Ian's personal assistance has been invaluable.

His years of experience with other growing businesses has been as vital as his expertise in accounting, taxation and across business in general."

Steven Shaw | Bathroom Design & Installation Limited

Pivovar Limited"When we needed to raise finance for our beer importing company Ian helped us to prepare and present business plans in a manner that gave the banks confidence in our new venture. When the taxation authorities failed to understand our retail business Ian was always available with the required expertise and willing to explain our point of view to the authorities."

James Hawksworth | Pivovar Limited

Inflecto Systems Ltd"Ian B Thompson has been our accountant for the past year and through our transmission from a partnership into a limited company.

His support and advice has been invaluable along the way and I am very happy to recommend him to anyone."

Andrew Jermy | Inflecto Systems Ltd